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Jennifer Brazier, Spiritual Educator

Soul Collective Series
Online School for 
E-Learning taught by Jennifer. 

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My heart is full when my teachings provide growth for others seeking answers.  Confidence and trust are paramount, and to see it in action, is such a gratifying feeling.      Jennifer

Over the past two decades, Jennifer has passionately taught workshops, classes and webinars for the local, national, and international Spiritual community.  From breakout sessions at conventions to small groups and development circles to community college classrooms, she has shared her love, knowledge and experience with thousands of students. Teaching on a wide range of subjects within personal spiritual growth, Jennifer is known for her down-to-earth, approachable manner.  

Since 2015, Jennifer has been a Community & Continuing Education teacher at Pierce College Washington State. She is honored to teach courses on Mediumship, Intuition, Past Life Regression and Psychic Investigations, currently all online.

Recently, Jennifer has seen an increasing global desire for knowledge of all things spiritual. With a boundless desire to offer spiritual growth opportunities to as many people as possible, Jennifer is thrilled to announce the creation of Soul Collective Series  - an online school for E-Learning. With courses offered for the newly curious to the life-long dedicated students of Spirit. Soul Collective Series will offer a wide array of topics, something of interest for everyone. 

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I am thrilled that SOUL COLLECTIVE SERIES will be able to assist seekers from all over the world on their journey of personal spiritual growth. I am so grateful for this new online method of interactive learning that makes it possible to learn anywhere on the planet and be paced to meet each individual's needs.                                       Jennifer

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That is one of the beauties of working with Spirit.

Since it is all based on energy – it doesn’t matter where a person is located. We are all connected, and Spirit will get through – whether to deliver a message or a teaching opportunity.


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