A life changing experience. The evidential information Jennifer provided was very impressive, but what grabbed our hearts was how accurately the personalities of our spirit visitors came through including charisma, humor, energy

                                  R & B

Quiet Lake

 The session brought a calming feeling over me and validated that we do have our loved ones watching over us.


Man Walking in Fields

I am so much more at peace knowing my husband is always with me and the kids.

                              C & H


Jennifer eased my grief. Her gift is undeniable and her heart is in the right place - together they're a recipe for true healing.


Adorable Chick

I was hopeful going into it but very skeptical. But there were so many things that were said that I can't deny were legitimate and real. 


Winding Roads

Thank you Jennifer for all you do….You heal hearts! That’s huge! We were skeptical with doing it over Zoom but you made it easy and showed us such great compassion and understanding and we were able to make a credible connection to our loved one. 


Yes, I am ready to hear from the Spirit world.

Mediumship, psychic abilities, intuition, spiritual development 


 What an amazing reading!  Thank you especially for the way you explained things with such love, kindness, and empathy. 


Sunset in the Woods

My reading from Jennifer was spot on as well as beautifully authentic, comforting and healing.

                                   C M

Field of Flowers

You are a special gift, Jennifer, for both sides of the veil.


Dewy Flowers

 At last I see some light at the end of a very long tunnel. I finally feel hopeful about my future. What a blessing you've been to me


purple flowers

 I am overwhelmed with joy and relief instead of being the sad grieving mom that lost her son.


Wellness Coach

The first time I have felt peace in months! You are so very gifted.