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About Jennifer

As an Evidential Medium, Jennifer Brazier’s work and life purpose is to reconnect people with loved ones who are no longer physically present through an energetic connection…. 
     of their soul
          to her soul
                to the recipient’s soul.  

Imagine the game where one person tells a story or offers a word to another person. That person then tells it to another and then it continues to be shared with the next person. That is like the relaying of information Jennifer receives through mediumship. Loving Spirits from the Other Side communicate energetically with Jennifer through her various senses. Jennifer has learned how to interpret energy through her senses of hearing, smelling, tasting, knowing, feeling, and seeing – all within her.  She is then able to verbalize those messages and share them in her sessions. Jennifer’s messages offer specific verifiable details, to validate our loved ones are still with us. Her intention is that these messages bring hope, healing, and happiness...along with clarity in one’s life. She hopes this amazing, intimate contact brings comfort and confirmation that to anyone who wants validation, we do not die, and Love never dies!

Everyday Jennifer

 My husband and I spend our time between the blue skies of the Pacific Northwest and the desert air of Arizona. We both enjoy hiking, being out in nature in any location.  

Music always moves my soul, especially smooth jazz, or old school rock.  

My bucket list involves traveling, or should I say exploring, from my local area to the far shores of numerous countries.  I have a desire to touch the soil related to my ancestors, experience how they may have lived, and what they endured in their lifetimes.  
Photography is a true love of mine. Pictures capture the moment, the memory – just like the spirit world shows me. I am determined to find the time to take a class on photography and further develop my skills. Many of the pictures used on this site are my own – I hope you enjoy them. 
I am grateful for my family and the people whom I call family, as they complete me in this crazy, exciting life. 

I am blessed!    

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Jennifer Brazier, Medium

Education and Training

Continued development and education have been mainstays of Jennifer’s path. She considers herself a lifelong learner and has an eager mind to discover and tap into the many aspects of the Spirit World.

Jennifer frequently collaborates with other professionals and delights in learning about their specific abilities and areas of expertise.

She has attended development circles, masterclasses, and retreats on mediumship for more than two decades and has studied with world-renowned 

Spiritual teachers such as James Van Praagh, Tony Stockwell, Lisa Williams, and John Holland to name a few.

Recently, Jennifer continued her studies with an intensive course at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College, often referred to as the world’s foremost college for the advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences. 

Located in picturesque Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex, England, the residential campus is housed in buildings

dating back to 1871.


On-Line Classes and Courses

Jennifer Page Jennifer blue smiling 52.jpg

Recently, Jennifer has seen an increasing global desire for knowledge of all things spiritual. With a boundless desire to offer spiritual growth opportunities to as many people as possible, Jennifer is thrilled to announce the creation of The Soul Collective Series - an online school for E-Learning. With courses offered for the newly curious to the life-long dedicated students of Spirit.

The Soul Collective Series wide array of topics will have something of interest for everyone. Over the past two decades, Jennifer has passionately taught workshops, classes, and webinars for the local, national, and international Spiritual communities.  From breakout sessions at conventions to small groups and development circles to community college classrooms, she has shared her love, knowledge, and experience with thousands of students. Teaching a wide range of subjects within personal spiritual growth, Jennifer is known for her down-to-earth, approachable manner.  Since 2015, Jennifer has been a Community & Continuing Education teacher at Pierce College Washington State. She is honored to teach courses on Mediumship, Intuition, Past Life Regression and Psychic Investigations.


A collection of true stories on Mediumship, the Afterlife, and Messages from our Loved Ones.  Written by over 40 professional Mediums from around the world, One very special chapter was written by Jennifer Brazier. 

Check out the newly released book, The Last Breath,  featuring a chapter by
Jennifer Brazier! 
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