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What is a Medium?
Almond Blossom

Mediums are individuals with highly developed intuitive (Psychic) abilities who are able to clear their busy mind of distractions and raise their own energy to blend with the Spirit World.  Typically, this is done by deep breathing which allows the Medium to calm, settle and balance them self.  An intention is set, this is to ensure the work of the Medium is for the highest good of the people receiving a connection from those in the Spirit World.

The connection between the Medium and the Spirit World may be slight, fast, fleeting, blurry, soft, and gentle.  It is received through feelings, glimpses, sounds, smells, tastes, and a sense of knowing, all known as Clair’s.

Mediums do not actually “talk” to the dead as Hollywood movies, books and television shows have portrayed. They simply interpret their own senses (Clair’s), body changes and shifts, and then offer out loud what they are receiving.

Mediums are the go-between for their loved one who is still in the physical realm (Earth) and those in the Spirit World.  A Medium is the connection, conduit, the voice for those who want to communicate to prove they have survived what we know as death. 

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