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Training & Certification


Continued development and education have been mainstays of Jennifer’s path. She considers herself a lifelong learner and has an eager mind to discover and tap into the many aspects of the Spirit World.

Jennifer frequently collaborates with other professionals and delights in learning about their specific abilities and areas of expertise.

She has attended development circles, masterclasses, and retreats on mediumship for more than two decades and has studied with world-renowned 

Spiritual teachers such as James Van Praagh, Tony Stockwell, Lisa Williams, and John Holland to name a few.

It is amazing to see the many ways Spirit works through different people. I get excited learning about these additional areas of ability and study – from working with animals, color, nature, physical phenomena, trans-communication, trance, healing and so much more!  Anytime I have an opportunity to observe, soak it in or practice it for myself, you can count me in!


Jennifer Brazier at Arthur Findlay College
Jennifer at Arthur Findlay College, Great Britain

Recently, Jennifer continued her studies with an intensive course at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College, often referred to as the world’s foremost college for the advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences. 

Located in picturesque Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex, England, the residential campus is housed in buildings

dating back to 1871.

What an incredible opportunity to learn from respected international leaders in the field. Plus, it was truly a gift to fully immerse myself in the rich Spiritual history of the grounds and facilities. My Soul was like a sponge there, absorbing the ambience and the history along with the lessons. The environment as well as the teachings allowed an even higher level of connection with Spirit and uncover deeper abilities within me.         Jennifer





I am proud to offer my clients the additional assurance of an independent certification. This professional recognition, along with the heartwarming testimonials from the people I have done readings for, mean the world to me.          Jennifer

As in other professional fields, there are methods and standards to test and verify accuracy.  That is why Jennifer is extremely proud of the recognized certification of “Certified Evidential Medium” bestowed by Mark Ireland’s Certified Mediums in the summer of 2015.  This award of certification is only given to Mediums who pass their rigid process of independent blind, testing of five readings. The professional, scientific assessment verifies whether a Medium is capable of furnishing specific, accurate, and pertinent “evidence” or information. It has been established that evidential readings (also called sittings) when performed by a skilled Evidential Medium, can provide therapeutic benefit to bereaved persons. Conversely, poor-quality readings with lesser Mediums or fraudulent persons can derail the healing process for the bereaved. That is why Jennifer feels so strongly on testing and accountability in Mediumship.

The rigorous testing process involves performing a series of “blind” readings or sittings on a minimum of five different people. The Medium being tested is not given any information on the person they are reading, other than a first name. The person, called the sitter, can only validate a Medium’s message with responses of “yes”, “no” or “I need more information.” These standards ensure the Medium is not reading body language, fishing for information or able to research the internet for details about the sitter or their loved ones. Jennifer’s were actually done over the phone so there was no possibility of reading body language or picking up on other verbal clues such as age, appearance, etc.  Only select Mediums who meet the accuracy standards are awarded the Certification, so Jennifer is proud to be a recipient.


Jennifer has earned professional certifications in many fields of personal

and Spiritual development:

  • Life, Health and Wellness Coach

  • Hypnotherapy Certification

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner

  • Timeline Therapist

  • Reiki Master Healer


Path in life

Because Mediums work with people at the very intimate level of Soul connection- integrity is paramount in these interactions. I truly consider my work to be sacred and only people who bring authentic skills and the highest level of ethics to the field should be allowed to perform this work.  Only Spiritual workers who are the ‘real deal’ and are committed to work for the highest good of all concerned deserve to be able to work as Mediums.                                                                      Jennifer

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