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Everyday Jennifer

Jennifer Brazier Hiking in Arizona

Mediumship, intuitive, spiritual development, psychic, intuition 

My husband and I spend our time between the blue skies of the Pacific Northwest and the desert air of Arizona. We both enjoy hiking, being out in nature in any location.  

Music always moves my soul, especially smooth jazz, or old school rock.  

My bucket list involves traveling or should I say exploring, in my local area to the far shores of numerous countries.  I have a desire to touch the soil related to my ancestors, experience how they may have lived, and what they endured in their lifetimes.  

Photography is a true love of mine. Pictures capture the moment, the memory – just like the spirit world shows to me. I am determined to find the time to take a class on photography and further develop my skills. Many of the pictures used on this site are my own – I hope you enjoy them. 

I am grateful for my family and the people whom I call family, as they complete me in this crazy, exciting life. 
I am blessed!                                                   

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