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The Clairs

Humans are thought to have five physical senses – the ability to See, to Hear, to Feel  Touch, to Taste and to Smell.  When dealing with the Spirit World, Mediums receive information in a variety of unique methods, using heightened awareness of these same senses that all people possess. These ways of “knowing” are often referred to as The Clair’s - based on the French word “clair(e)” which means clear.  So someone who “sees” information mentally–without using their physical eyes- is said to be Clairvoyant; literally translated as “clear seeing.”

Mediums usually have one primary method of receiving information from Spirit but may still receive some information through alternate senses. They may primarily “hear” information which would be called Clairaudient (clear hearing) and have a secondary sensation of a feeling or Clairsentience. (Clear feeling) This combined use of the senses can help form a complete picture of the information a loved one is conveying in a message.  Following is a list of the most commonly referenced Clair’s.

Clairvoyant 5 senses of Psychic Mediums

To learn more about each Clair, click on the images below

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