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Is Mediumship a Special Gift or a Nurtured Ability?

Where do these amazing abilities come from? Here is how Jennifer sees them:

White Pink Peony

A Special Gift? 

​While many people view being able to connect with the Spirit World, as a “gift,” I view it more as having an ability.  Are we born with this ability or do we learn it?  I sense that some people, including me, have always had a heightened sense of knowing and predisposed ease in learning.  Many become aware of their abilities later in life.  A few have had a life-changing event or an accident that heightens these abilities.  While I may have been born with this ability, I do not believe communication with the Spirit World makes me more special than anyone else; it is simply the essence of who I am.

The ability to connect with the Spirit World can be compared to having a predisposition toward a specific passion or desire, such as music, art, children, animals, or history to name a few.  The focus is intentional and far exceeds average joy when it is applied. With dedication, education, ongoing training and practice this passion becomes an ability of grace, ease, and peace.  The end result offers the recipient happiness, healing, and hope.

I continue to be amazed at how there is always more to learn. I am fully committed to developing my skills and knowledge level to be the best conduit for the Spirit World. I will continue to be an excited lifelong learner.


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