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Giving Forward


A strong supporter of paying it forward, Jennifer shares Mediumship demonstrations, private readings, and teachings on a wide array of topics.

I get a clear sense of knowing when I am supposed to devote my time and efforts to a specific person or an organization. Paying-it-forward always arrives as a sense of excitement and joy as if I know it is something bigger than I understand. It is that Christmas morning feeling! It usually is spontaneous and feels so amazing.  It has always proven to be true.                                                   Jennifer

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A large focus of her volunteer efforts revolves around helping others develop their own Intuition and Mediumistic abilities.  She was one of the co-founders of the Northwest Mediumship Group (NWMG) where education, resources and opportunities were made available for anyone wanting to explore or build onto their own mediumship abilities. Additionally, Jennifer had felt specifically led to mentor numerous individuals over the years, from kids as young as 7 to some in their 80’s. She has also created and facilitated no-cost small group development classes.  

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Sonia Rinaldi’s work is providing comforting proof and jaw-dropping evidence that we do survive death!  She is such a humble, loving, and gracious woman and an amazing pioneer in this field.                                                                     Jennifer   

Jennifer is also proud to be involved with Helping Parents Heal, an international organization of families who have lost children. The ability to offer hope and healing that their loved ones are still with them gives Jennifer, as well as the grieving families, tremendous satisfaction.


Throughout the year, Jennifer offers chance opportunities to win complimentary readings to select audiences – such as Mother’s and Father’s Day readings to parents who have lost a child and Forget-Me-Not Fridays for anyone suffering a loss.

As an Intuitive Consultant, Jennifer has volunteered with a phenomenal non-profit organization, Find Me Group, dedicated to finding those who have gone missing or to gather details on their unexplained death.  

Currently, Jennifer is actively involved in supporting a scientific research project being conducted by Sonia Rindali, a Brazilian scientist who is the co-founder and Research Director of IPATI - Institute of Advanced Research on Instrumental Trans-communication. The Institute is providing proof of life after death through reception of audio recordings and visual images of deceased individuals.  Sonia and her coworkers have recorded clear voices of people in the afterlife, as well as living people who are unable to speak because of nonverbal autism, Lou Gehrig’s disease, dementia, and other such maladies, and unborn children. They are also capturing pictures, called trans-images, of our loved ones then matching them with audio communication.


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