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Medium vs. Psychic

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Mediums and Intuitives (Psychics)

What are the Differences?

A Medium or an Intuitive (Psychic) are titles used to identify the type of information and abilities offered in a reading.  Understanding the differences will give you essential information about their skill set and can be immensely helpful when deciding what type of session you are seeking. 


Intuitive and Psychic are interchangeable terms for people who have the same intuitive abilities. It is simply a personal preference on which title to use. But there is an essential difference between a Medium and Intuitive.

Here is the essential difference that distinguishes Mediums from Intuitives:

BOTH Intuitives and Mediums have intuitive abilities.

BUT…. NOT all Intuitives are Mediums. 


OR here it is another way:

ALL Mediums are intuitive.

BUT…. NOT all Intuitives are Mediums.


Intuitives sense the energy and offer information from past, current, and potentially the future.

Mediums are able to sense the energy and offer information from past, current, and potentially the further PLUS they can communicate with the Spirit World.

Understanding the differences will help you to determine the correct individual for your session.

What is an Intuitive?

In general, an Intuitive senses energy and tells a story about what they are receiving from the recipient.  Relaying relevant information, typically relating to the individual’s life, current circumstances, and future developments. Intuitives may utilize tools such as crystals, runes, or tarot cards to attune their abilities and receive clearer messages.  What an Intuitive provides can be considered guidance, advice, or perspective, depending on the reading and the sitter.


An example of why a person may go to an Intuitive is to get input on a career change, a large purchase, or a new relationship.

Free Will

It is really important to remember the role of free will in all of this. We all have the freedom to choose to move forward, stand still or retreat with life choices.  No Intuitive can predict one’s future.  They can offer what they sense, but the recipient must act on it. 


For example, an Intuitive may speak of a new job in the month of September.  However,  the recipient is still responsible for choosing whether or not to pursue a new job and go through the hiring process.  Many times an Intuitives' information may be seen as fraudulent simply because the recipient did not act on opportunities. 

What is a Medium?

A Medium has all the same qualities as an Intuitive, in addition to having the ability to communicate with the Spirit world.  Mediums connect with the Souls of our loved ones in the Spirit World by receiving, filtering, and deciphering information, using what are called The Clair’s or our senses.  The purpose of this information, which may include specific information, facts, and details along with messages, is to provide evidence that our loved ones have survived what we know as death.  Their souls are alive, healthy, and awaiting our reunion.  These contacts can offer healing and provide answers to unresolved issues or questions- all with an eternal perspective. 

A Note from Jennifer on Selecting a Medium or Intuitive

Knowledge gives you the key and the power to make the best choice in any purchasing decision- whether you are shopping for a realtor, a vehicle or hiking shoes. Performing due diligence on a variety of factors is a wise move. You may research top-rated products and providers, read reviews and check out customer satisfaction levels, determine the options in your price range, etc. 


I suggest following a similar path when seeking a session with an Intuitive or a Medium.  Before investing your money and emotional energy, you need to:

  1. Determine the appropriate type of professional– do you need a Medium or Intuitive?  This is key to your satisfaction.  If you are grieving and want answers to bring comfort about your loved one’s passing, then you should look to a Medium - because you would not be satisfied with the services of an Intuitive.  If you are looking for advice on relationships or work issues, then an Intuitive is who you need.

  2. Research skill level, knowledge, and experience.

  3. Find a professional with excellent customer satisfaction and a reputation for reliability, and accuracy.  Look for Certifications and read their testimonials.

  4. Seek someone you feel connected with and can feel confident in. Gather the information, then trust your own intuition!


Satisfaction is paramount in any customer-based service, but it is especially critical when working with a Medium or Intuitive on such a personal level. Remember, the difference in what services and information the two types provide.  It is important to both you, and your loved ones in the Spirit World!           


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