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Are Mediums Born or Created?

Are a Medium’s skills present at birth or are they learned talents? Or is it possible that these abilities can be triggered by a life event or even activated by a strong desire? How does a Medium tap into their senses to connect with Spirit? Jennifer shares her understanding of these questions and more here:

I believe we are all born intuitive. Meaning, we all have an instinctive sense of knowing without proof; of being able to offer outcomes without having all the details.  This ability to “just know” something is called various names such as having a gut sense, a mother's instinct, feeling a nudge, getting inspiration, and sensing a strong pull toward a  specific situation. We have all had a relationship, job, or event where we “just knew” it was not going to be good for us.  However, we thought we could change the person or the situation. After days, weeks or years the relationship, event or job ends.  This example can be viewed as  feedback that you knew, in the beginning, this was not going to be good for you.  Have you ever said, “ I should have trusted myself in the beginning!”  Or “I knew better!”.  That is exactly what intuition is, trusting yourself and following it. Being authentic to ourselves and what we know.  The more we work with trusting ourselves, aligning with our values, and staying true to what pulls us forward, we will be offered growth and strengthening of our intuition. It takes practice and patience as with any learning.

All Mediums have strong intuitive abilities, but not all Intuitive have mediumistic abilities.

A Medium may be born with abilities, or has had a near-death experience, or a need to understand unexplained experiences or a quickening which pushes them to seek an understanding of their spirituality.  I do not believe there is an exact answer.  The desire becomes a passion and the passion becomes a lifestyle.  Are Medium’s chosen? Not sure I have an exact answer to this either.  I believe certain people choose this lifestyle as we all have free will.  Freedom to choose what and how we live.  Living as a Medium is not easy. Many give up when they are incorrect or compare themselves to someone else’s results.  Just like working with your intuition, it takes practice, patience, and trust.

White Flower in Clear Water

The key is to trust your heart 
to move where your unique talents can flourish. This old world will really spin when work becomes a joyous expression of the soul."
                                     -Al Sacharov


Each Medium uses different techniques to calm and ground themselves, but they typically turn to some form of meditation, breathing or silencing of the mind.  Whatever it takes to shift their energy into a calming soothing place. Nature does this for me, every time I step out into it.

When calming our busy minds, we are shifting our conscious (awake) mind away from distracting thoughts and analytic thinking. Eliminating the opportunity to judge ourselves. Clearing, then silencing the mind allow information to be received from an outside source, the Spirit World.  They are always communicating with us, but we are so busy moving in so many directions and taking on even more tasks that we cannot clearly hear them, sense them, or know it is them.

Communication arrives from the Spirit World gently, softly, and quickly.  It is received in different faculties called the Clair’s which are inner seeing, knowing, sensing, smelling, hearing, and tasting.  I refer to them as your abilities. The Medium receives, then communicates the details, feelings and information known as evidence. It is called evidence, as a sense of proof the Medium is really connected to the Spirit World.

No Medium is ever 100% accurate, as their perceptions of what they receive can be misinterpreted.  A well-versed Medium dedicates a tremendous amount of time and study along with daily practices to ensure they are accurate and can trust in the delivery of the messages they receive.  Mediums who do this work should be offering this service for happiness, healing, and comfort, by touching the essence of the Soul to provide evidence that our Spirit survives physical death.

Every Medium has a unique life-story of how they came to the place of "knowing" they are a Medium.  I personally believe everyone can work with energy at some level; it is just more available and pronounced in certain people. There must be a passion, a true desire and then a lifestyle built around being of service authentically.  I like using the example that most people can work out,  but only a few become the esteemed athletes that train, feed and nurture their bodies and skills to a level of competition and reach out for a championship.  

I have found that you must dedicate yourself to what you love and then trust yourself enough to fail.   Failing is where change will occur.  Change allows you to step into that place few dare to adventure.  Some call it growth, I call it living your best life! 


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